United Airlines Conducting a Compassion Training Program for their Employees

As we all know United Airlines is one of the top Airline competitors in U.S. and in order to maintain its good image in the era of such a high competition they need to do something extraordinary to overcome the rest of the airliners. And one such point turns out to be Customer Satisfaction, although it has United Airlines Phone Number’s back but that is not going to be enough for them. For the rising need of better customer service and a satisfied customer, United Airlines has decided to send their almost 30,000 employees to a compassion training program namely “core4”. Among these 30,000 employees, flight attendants, gate agents and all other employees will be included. “core4” an ambitious training program that aims to teach workers how to be efficient (think on-time departures), ensure all operations are safe and do it all with a smile will last for a four long hour.

Reasons to Conduct the Program

Well all these changes mainly comes from the fact that today every flyer owns a Smartphone and any incident on-board or on airports can be captured and can go viral hampering the Airlines image. One such incident which brought disaster to United was in last year when a passenger was forcefully dragged out of the plane just to make room for a commuting crew member.  The incident was captured and went viral as the handling of the incident by the crew members was pathetic.

Impact on Customers and Investors

Few more incidents led the investors to think whether they may get profit in United or not as its reputation and shares were going radically down. United’s program “core4” is drawn from following characteristics: caring, safe, dependable and efficient, if you can get the main motive of the program that is not only customer satisfaction but also trying to convince skeptical investors that it can grow its operations and expand profit margins.

Is it Beneficial?

United Airlines have already begun seeing changes in the performance and lesser customer issues due to United Airlines Phone Number. Nearly 85% of United’s Flights were on time in December, which was the best score among U.S. carriers, according to Department of Transportation data. The airline gained one spot up ranking fourth for the year. So the program seems beneficial for both the company and the customers. And this has just been started, so much more is yet to come.


So United is drastically changing its way of serving people and that counts a lot when it comes to each and every customer’s satisfaction. Now if you need to book your flight tickets with United Airlines Contact Number you can either do this by dialing our toll-free number +1 844 550 9444 or visiting our website. You can also enquire about other services like live flight status, luggage policy, online bookings and many more all at one place.

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